Game 2 vs Pict - Torino 14th-15th April 2012

The second round I faced a Pict army. I thought with such a foe the terrain would be very important. Again things started well, with an aggressivity roll of 1 and a table open


I deployed first staying away from the rocky areas. My plan was simple, use the ICvS in an attritional action versus the enemy infantry.

My opponent deployed just two corps, with the third one marching or delayed. I guessed a march on the left, so had no time to lose. I needed to attack fast.


The Pict wisely stayed back, avoiding to expose the wing to my right. There was just on weak spot in the line, held by 4 ILhO and a reserve of 4 ICvO


The charge picked here an there some IPkF. The decisive action was in the center of the enemy line, where ICvS killed 3 ILhO out of four opening a gap.


Pict flank march entered just on 5th turn. Pict infantry was suffering many losses. When the flank march entered I had a pip crisis on the left flank, that kept rolling low. Furthermore the pict CvO countercharge killed 2 ICvS and I could just send in more and more ILhF that were killed to avoid to have the line pierced. This was the moment of crisis


When things were at worst, Pict lost two CvO charging the LhF in the center. Pict pips on the left dried, and Attecotti I WbS died almost all in their bound once sticked to ICvS. Suddenly the situation changed.



The Pict line collapsed. with two command breaking at once. 23-2 for the nomads This was a very tough game, well played by my opponent. He was let down by the Attecotti abysimal performance. Probably it would be better to screen them with IPkF, but it's too easy to provide advices later. WbS could be decisive should have them rolled high when charging CvS.


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