Milano 2012 - Second game vs Marian Roman

On second round I met Luciano's Romans. I expected some kind of corner sitting and as defender I tried to keep the table bare open. To my surprise, my opponent didn't choose difficult hills, but some rough and also a gentle hill. This was the table.

I deployed first facing the stronger position that was on the right, thanks to a small rocky hill on the far right not seen in the picture. Luciano decided to deploy on the opposite wing, in an offset position. Usually when two armies are deployed like that, the risk of a draw is very high, so I decided to redeploy as fast as possible my army to attack frontally the romans and exploit the weak flank that was very far away. At this stage I was unsure if the enemy stance would be offensive or defensive.


On first round I had low pips and marched to the left as fast as possible. The Romans advanced and attacked. In such a position was vital for me to grab the gentle hill on the far left. There the Roman had just 5 supported ICvO. I needed to keep the chariots close to roman blades, to force them in double ranks. In such a way Luciano could not send infantry reinforcements on the left gap, where I hoped to overwhelm the enemy and roll it.


On the following turn Luciano took a decision that conditioned his game: he stopped the left wing advance. Just the artillery battery was moving forward looking for targets.


Romans, looking at the situation, stopped the advance and started to pull back


Han deployed the columns into line and attacked, while marauding RLhF outflanked the roman lines. I had two corps versus one, with higher and medium pip dice against the enemy medium. The Romans position now was awkard.


Romans tried to bring the Elephant I and some reserves on the threatened flank, but these were intercepted and pinned, while the chariots started to charge the end of the roman line. Roman CvO were saved but were out of position, behind the center, and were not used in this battle. In the meantime, BwX advanced in shooting range against the immobile roman AxS


The legionaries were a tough nut, but being hard flanked they fought in a very dangerous position.


Romans made what they could to gain time and resist as long as possible. Han kept to reinforce the outflanking position sending there more KnO and CvO and pushing slowly back the roman reserves. Legionaries were left alone and surrounded.


The repeated general charges weer finally successful. Roman losses were mounting


The Roman army had two very large corps and a smallish one, with no baggage. When the Roman left wing broke, the added losses of artillery and AxS killed by bwx shooting were enough to break he whole army. 25-0

I was satisfied by this game, my plan was good and the different troops in my army were well coordinated. The Roman imho did not attack with the necessary decision, because is very dangerous start with a plan, set up the terrain and deployment to execute it and then change it completely in the middle of a manouvering action. Probably better stick with it. By the way Luciano is a very good player, and probably thought he could fight a defensive action as RBdS are extremely tough to destroy.


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