III / 28 Carolingian


C1- CiC RKnF, 9 IKnF, 8 IPsO - 28ME

C2- SG RKnF, 7 ILhO, 6 ISpI, 3 ICvO, 2 IHdO - 20ME

C3- SG RKnF, 4 RKnF - 12ME

C4- Early Croat AG ICvO, 6 ISpI, 6 IAxS, 5 ICvO, 2 IBgO - 20ME

C5- 4 IBgI - 4ME

This army is nimble, fast but a bit fragile, and need to be properly manouvered before to strike. It has good on terrain troops, and can outflank enemies thanks to many light and medium cavalry. C3 is the reserve and should be allocated the lower pip dice. C1 should be deployed in line with psiloi that mask and screen the KnF to let them deliver the first charge. This charge should be decisive, so the combat should always start with Croats and C2 corps.


B) John Saunders' army list, used at RollCall 2012

C1- CiC IKnF, 8 IKnF, 6 IBwI, 12 IBdI, 1 IBgO - 36ME

C2- AG IKnF, 8 IKnF, 6 IPsO, 12 IBdI, 1 IBgO - 36ME

C3- Breton AG ICvO, 7 ICvO, 8 ILhO - 19ME


C) David Pallin's army list, used at Rollcall 2012

C1- CiC RKnF, 8 RKnF, 1 ILhO, 2 IHdO - 24ME

C2- SG RKnF, 6 RKnF, 6 IBdI - 24ME

C3- SG RKnF, 2RKnF, 4 IPsS, 2 IPsO - 12ME

C4- Saxon AG IWbS, 4 IWbS, 16 IWbO, 2 IBgI - 18ME

C5- 5 IBgI - 5ME


D) Andrew Bennetts' list used at Call to Arms 2013. Here the report

The Emperor Charlemagne: RKn(F) CinC; 9xIKn(F); 9xIPs(O)
Naimon, Duke of Bavaria: RKn(F) SubG; 4xRKn(F)
Guilhem, Count of Toulouse: RKn(F) SubG; 3xICv(O); 4xILH(O); 12xIBd(I)
Morvan of Brittany: ICv(O) AllyG; 5xICv(O); 7xILH(O)
Army Baggage: 4xIBg(I) from Charlemagne's and Guilhem's commands