ITC 2012 pictures part 3


Luciano Marchisio and Paolo Paglianti try to outmanouver each other


Andrea Picarelli attacks with his trusty Burgundians. He was the top scorer in pool 4


Mario Storace Patrician Romans try to fend off Turgesh attack


The hard struggle to become Master of SE Asia is beginning. Ainsley's Vietnamese and Boniardi's Khmer will break each other.


Fabrizio Baratto Syracusan army lead by Pirrus attacks


Enzo Megale Sassanids ready to engage Stefano Grombi Patrician Romans on a perfect ground


Davide Mura Gauls fighting Zullich's Patricians Romans


Ian McKay Hunnic horde ready to smash frontally Gael Richard Gauls


Marco Guarnieri nice Macedonians, based for Impetus but ready to be redeployed for the ITC


A late Roman legion, lead by a general, wait for the enemies



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