III / 48 Rus

Rus with Pecheneg ally



C1- CiC ICvI, 3 ICvI, 8 IAxS, 16 ISpO, 8 IPsO, 1 BgO - 36ME

C2 and C3- SG ISpO, 15 ISpO, 8 IPsO, 1 BgO - 24ME

C4- Allied Bulgar Gen ICvO, 2 ICvO, 6 ILhS - 12ME

Stratagems (10AP): Delayed Start



C1- CiC ICvI, 16 ISpO, 8 IPsO, 8 IAxS - 32ME

C2 and C3 - SG ISpO, 16ISpO, 8 IPsO, 1 ILhF - 24ME

C4 - Pecheneg AH ICvO, 4 IWwgO, 10 ILhF - 22ME

This army is extremely rigid, having just the AxS  and the nomad ally able to manouver. The tactic basically should provide a level terrain where to deploy the spearmen, possibly with large difficult features on flanks to protect them and avoid enemy flank marches. The Rus doctrine is engage enemy on the widest possible frontage and start an attritional combat. This means that huge BP are a necessity.