Game 4 vs Serbian Empire - Mamma Li Turchi 1/2011

Fianlly I met one of the two armies that scared me most, Serbians with massed IKnS.

I had no way to fight them frontally, so tried to stop the enemy with the terrain. I was the defender and truied to roll an anti-tank ditch.


With both flanks protected and a river difficult for cavalry in the center, my army felt safe


The Serbian decided to reach the river edge and try to gain a bridgehead on the flank using his light troops.

My BwI faced two time their number of enemy PsO. Cooly they started shooting.


The bow fire was very accurate and few Ps reached the town, where they were dispatched in hand to hand combat.

The Serbians withdrew the survivors and started redeploy the troops in a defensive stance.

By now I was quite tired and still engaged with umpiring, so I didn't pursued and we settled for a 12-13.