Nikephorian Byzantine

This is the Byzantine army of my friend Fabio. His army represents the Nikephorian and can be used for the less performing Kostantinian. Most of the army are Essex miniatures.

The four generals, I use the one with the true cross as CinC.


These are the Nike’s  Tagmatic kavallaroi (R CvS), the army’s elite. When I field the Kostantinian, I use the all lancers base as Provincial Tagmatic kavallaroi (R Cv O).


These are the Prokousatores (R Lh S) and the Outflankers (R Lh F).


Skoutatoi, the R Bw X/O, they are the pivot of the maneuver. A very effective troops if well supported.


The supporting troops, the Menavlatoi (R Bd X) and the Akonstiai/Archer psiloi (R Ps S/O). Menavlatoi are from Museum.


The Russ ally. 14 I SpO mainly from 2 Dragons plus some Essex and a couple of converted figures.


The wagon arty, Alakatia, (R Art O). I converted starting from the Donnington wagon, one model I used the Museum ballistas, for the other I used old Donnington ballistas. Nice to use in support of the Skoutatoi when expecting a lots of Nellies.


The Varangian mercenaries ( I Bd O), they could be useful when fighting foot based army.


More mercenaries. The Normans including the sub General to be fielded for Manzikert . They are all 2 Dragons but the General that is a Hobbit Studios, an Italian company.


More troops for the Kostatinian, Thematic kavallaroi (R Cv I). A good filler or a second rank troop.


The Varangian guard fielded as R Sp S.


The Klibanarophoroi, double based R Kn X/I. A very expensive element, do you want them in your army?