Middle Imperial Roman

Third AD century Roman Empire is an interesting period. A time of crisis, dangerous enemy invasions and still Rome is able to recover and beat new and dangerous enemies, as Sassanids, Goths, Picts, the treacherous Palmyra, not to forget the old ones as Sarmatians and germanic tribes.

Unfortunately there is not much choice when looking for the correct figures in 15mm. Just Essex, Magister Militum, Old Glory and Donnington produce some figures. Late Imperial Roman period seems to be more glamorous.

This is the army, made mostly with Essex miniatures, to which some specialist troops from Old Glory, Alain Touller and Khurasanian were added.


The generals. The CiC in the center is escorted by a couple of catafractari from Khurasan. Banners and draco are hand made and hand painted.


Pretorians, shields hand painted


Legionaries, hand painted shield design to represent different vexillatones


Unarmoured auxilia from Old Glory, RAxO in game terms


Cavalry from Essex. Nice figures, pity they have just one pose


Equites Illiriciani from Khurasan, very nice figures


These are Khurasan clibanari. Same range from illyricani but smaller. They mix well with catafractari that have a more static pose


Skirmishing archers


Scouts and dromedarii


Legionary clubmen. The clubs are a conversion from gladii


Carroballiste from Alain Touller


I can add Moors and Sarmatians from other armies, and just plan to finish it with some armoured auxilia and maybe some bowmen.