IV / 50 Palaiologan Byzantine

Palaiologan Byzantine army with Serbian ally

C1- CiC RCVO, 8 RCvO, 3 RKnO, 4 RLhO - 24ME

C2- SG RCvO, 8 RBwO, 6 RAxS, 4 RPsO, 2 RLhO - 24ME

C3- SG RCvO, 4 RCvO, 4 RPsO - 12ME

C4- Serbian ally AG IKnF, 4 IKnF - 12ME

C5- 6 IBgI - 6ME

Stratagems: Ambush or Feigned Flight

At first sight this army is an inferior version of the Ottomans. It manouvers well, even in difficult going, and can set the battlefield. Good use of the medium cavalry is important, and being this quite brittle, needs a lot of care, planning and foresight.

C3 is the pip dump but is still a quite mobile and useful corps. C4 can be ambushed, flank marched, delayed and used as a reserve. C1 is the attack wing but need to be closely supported by at least another command.