Italian DBMM Team Championship 2016

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On 5th and 6th March 2016 the "Italian DBMM Team Championship" will be held in Milan, at the Ludoteca "La Casa dei Giochi", in via Sant'Uguzzone 8. To arrive to Ludoteca check there.

The tournament is open to teams made by four players. The teams will have a player for each one of the following game pools:

Pool 1: Age of chariots: from 3000BC to 501BC

Pool 2: Classical Age: from 500BC to 475 AD

Pool 3: Dark Age: from 476AD to 1070AD

Pool 4: Medieval Age: 1071AD to 1515AD

The drawing and the classment are made by teams, adding the score of all team members. Each player will play just against opponents in the same period pool

The complete event rules can be read here

There will be prizes for the best three teams and for the best three player in each historical pool.

The subscription cost is 20, pay on the day.



The tournament hall can be used for practice games from h 14.00 to 2.00 am


9.00 Players meeting

10.00 Start of the first round

15.00 Start of the second round


9.00 Start of the third round

13.30 Start of the fourth round

17.30 Prize giving



Hotel information can be found here


The subscriptions and the army lists must be sent before 23th february 2015 to my email: lorenzomele @


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