II / 52 Dacian


C1- CiC ICvI, 16 IBwI, 8 IBdF, 4 IPsO - 24ME

C2- SG ILhO, 3 ILhO, 24 IWbF, 6 IPsS - 24ME

C3- SG ILhO, 2 ILhO, 24 IWbF, 8 IPsS - 24ME

C4- Allied Sarmatians Gen IKnF, 4 IKnF - 12ME

C5- 6 IBgI - 6ME



C1- CiC ICvI, 36 IWbF, 12 IPsO - 30ME

C2- SG ILhO, 5 ILhO, 10 IBdF - 21ME

C3- Allied Bastarne gen IBdF, 15 IBdF, 2 IBGI - 21ME

C4- Allied Sarmatian gen IKnF, 7 IKnF - 18ME

C5- 4 IBgI - 4ME

The Dacian army is at home in a terrain broken and suitable to ambushes. A mix of rough going in the center of the battlefield and some difficult on the sides is the best one. Dacians are excellent in dealing with infantry, but suffer massed cavalry and the best defence against this foe is the terrain. The army is fast and should put pressure on a large front, expecially on weak spots, to create overlaps to be exploited. Flank marches are a good tool but need an army organization that do not weak too much the corps on the table.