This Successor army is made with a mix of Outpost and Xyston miniatures. Dennis uses it as Seleucid, but plans to expand it as a generic Successors and play it as Lysimachus or Antigonus.

Macedonians are an excellent choice to have a troop core to be used for several army lists.


The army generals, KnF wedges and Pk.


The infamous pikes, generally despised by all teammates for the lowered pikes that stick anything


Greek auxilia. When your opponent faces KnX, KnF, Pk, El the poor Ax are often a target. They usually are a bait.


One of the Elephants.


Tarentine Lh. Lowly but extremely useful troops


KnF in wedge, companions or Agema, always spearhead the attacks.


Scythed chariots