Apocalypto survivors!


On 24th november 2013 there will be the DBMM200 tournament "Apocalypto!" in UESM Hall, in Milan, via S. Uguzzone 8.

The tournament is the last one of the DBMM 200 trophy. At the end , in addition to the tournament prizes, it will be assigned the trophy

The theme will be about the armies of the Americas and will cover both the periods before and after Columbus' discovery.

The tournament will be over four games, of 100 minutes each.

The rules used will be the DBMM200 version, using 200AP, and the only armies allowed will be:


III/22 Maya Terpin F

III/41 Chichimec

III/41 Pueblo cultures Peroni D

III/59 Toltec

IV/9 Eastern Forest American

IV/10 Mound Builder American

IV/11 North Western American Terpin N, Begovic N

IV/19 Tlaxcalan

IV/19 Chinantec

IV/53 Mixtec

IV/53 Zapotec and West Mexican  

IV/63 Aztec Marchesi R, Cisotto M, Vigaṇ P

IV/70 Chanca

IV/71 Chimu

IV/72 Amazonian

IV/81 Inca Mele L

IV/84 Mapuche Tonini S.


Resource page for Pre Columbus american armies



To have as much army variety as possible, the subscribing player first to pick an army will receive a bonus of +1 points to his classment score. The second to pick the same army, will have a 0 bonus score, the third -1, the fourth -2 and so on. To help and patronize people willing to paint their army for the event, it is possible to subscribe and reserve the picked army even before the subscription date, sending in addition to the army list a picture of the army with correct miniatures.

The games will be played on a 120cm by 90cm board. The rules used can be read here

The subscription will open now.

The army pool showing the subscribed players (showed in red on this page) and armies selected will be updated in real time.

The subscription will cost 10 Euro.

The army lists must be sent before the 14th of november 2013 to:

lorenzomele AT libero.it (subsituing AT with @ in the email address)

Please contact the administrator to subscribe or if needing further informations.