Genghis Khan's mongol invasions

This is a team campaign ideated to be played and finished in a single session. One team will play the Mongols invading the many neighbours nations, while the other team will try to defend and repulse the nomads from their home country

The teams will then play individual games, each one representing a different war theatre in this global war of aggression started by Genghis Khan.

The defender team will choose the armies to be used from the historical enemies list in the Mongol Conquest army list.

In each game the Mongols will attack without the need to roll the aggression die.

The score will be calculated by team, adding all the individual battles. The team scoring higher will be the winner.

As usual, the losing team will offer a drink to the winners.


When we played this scenario in our club we had eight players and the four battles were:

Mongols vs Khitan Liao

Mongols vs Sung Chinese

Mongols vs Seljuq Turks

Mongols vs Teutonic Order

The result was historical, with Mongols winning 95-5 !!!!

These are some pictures of the event


Mongol vs Seljuq Turks

Mongols on the right and Seljuqs on the left. Two big woods formed a large valley with a gentle hill in the center. The Mongol plan was to attack the enemy center using possibly the hill advantage, and try an outflank along the left wood. Speed was essential because of the enemy corps on the far right.


The Seljuqs charged first but this gave to the Mongol the uphill advantage in the following combat rounds. Enemy reserves run to the exposed flank


The Seljuq infantry is charged in the flank, reacting slowly due the lower pip dice. The Turkoman ally arrived to try to restore the situation. In the meantime the Seljuq center took casualties


The Turk outflanking on the right wing is slow and uneffective. The Seljuq center is pierced and destroyed. The ME loss transmission broke the infantry corps and the Seljuq army too. 25-0


Mongol vs Sung Chinese

Sung Chinese, on top of the pictures, deployed with both flanks well protected by the terrain. The army was based on massed shooters. The Mongols squeezeed their army between a marsh on the their left and a rough going on their right


The Mongols were very aggressive, and engaged immediately the enemy center, made mostly of archers, while a light horse corps tried to outflank the enemy from the right. The Chinese were able to use just two corps, the third one on the left  having the lowest pip dice and a huge difficult hampering any manouver.


The chinese shooting was extremely effective, causing many casualties and forcing the left mongol wing to disengage with a feigned flight. The fight on the far right was tough and balanced with losses mounting up for both


The Chinese had the upper hand, with Mongols having one corps disheartened and another one close to as well. Desperate time call for desperate decision, and the Mongol charged again the enemy Bw line. To surprise of everyone, the Chinese completely collapsed losing two corps: 20-5 for the daring Mongols


Mongol vs Teutonic order

The battlefield left hand was quite cluttered by difficult going. The Teutonic set up in a defensive stance, while the Mongols flank marched a corps on the right.


While the Teutonic aggressively advanced their elite knights to engage the enemy, the flank march appeared.


The Teutonic order knights were almost wiped out in very short order: the dazed Teutonic player was left just with auxiliary troops to use


The battle was over in few more turns, when the flank march engaged and destroyed knechte and turcopoles. 25-0 for the Mongols


Mongols vs Khitan Liao

The Khitan army wings rested on two big rough features. The Mongols massed their elite cavalry to attack the enemy light horses directly in the brush


Mongols sent their reserve to the far right to avoid being outflanked by the enemy mounted wing, attacking all over the battle line


The Mongol attack on the left was succesful, breaking the enemy corps, while the Khitan infantry showed tougher, because resisted and started to flank attack the enemy light horses. The decisive combat was on the right, where the Mongols had less troops than their enemy.


Neverless the Mongols fought hard and when the enemy army broke the only khitan troops still in action were the chinese infantry. 25-0 for the Mongols


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