Cham vs Medieval German

Cham is fun army. It has two allied generals, but the reduced cost of the commander let use three IElX. In addition, having an irregular command structure, the army is easier to play and to organize. I met a medieval german army


As defender I tried to avoid a bare battlefield, but the table turned out quite open. As my doctrine required I deployed the elephants covered by infantry.


The left corps turned to be unreliable. I advanced hard the right wing, while the CiC center wheeled to acquire some target for my artillery


The german right wing tried to disengage but high pips let the Cham to advance fast and charge the enemy corps


The german left wing in the meantime stayed still, facing the unreliable cham corps. The german soon realized that this was no good to him, with the right wing being hacked and the center under constant artillery fire, so decided to attack there


The german started shooting to prepare the assault, but cham infantry immediately counterattacked, engaging the bowmen


The combat was joined all along the line, with elephants crashing in the german spearmen line


After few bloody rounds, the german army was routed. The Cham lost the left wing for a 19-6 score.

The Cham army performed well, but as usual, irregular pips and clumsy not impetous troops are not a winning team. Having low pips makes attacks difficult to carry out.