Early Egyptians vs Skythians


The Egyptian army was based on good quality infantry.... good for the first period by the way.

The army list was:

C1- CiC RBdO, 12 IBwO, 6 IPsI, 6 IHdO (24ME) C2- SG RBdO, 10 RBwI, 9 RBdF, 6 RPsS, 8 IHdO (27ME) - C3-  SG RBdO, 10 RBwI, 9 RBdF, 5 RPsO, 1 IPsI, 8 IHdO (27ME), plus Ambush, Scout and Concealed corps stratagems.

Each corps had an archer formation and some BdF as support troops. To help the core of the army there were numerous Ps and hordes.  Early Egyptians defended with both flanks protected by terrain. On the right there was the Nilus and a rocky area, while on the far right some Orchards

Egyptians deployed all their archers in line, with Bd F on flanks and in reserve. HdO stayed back to protect the camp.

The plan was simple: keep as long as possible the enemy under arrow fire, and use the Bd to attack any weak target, exploiting the superior control and training.

Messagetai went for a simple plan, as every irregular army with inept troops should do: a central charge supported by light troops on the flanks. They massed the heavy cavalry in the center, screened by light horses, with the goal of destroy by sheer numbers the enemy archers. Foot archers had the task to engage enemy in the RG, while some AxO scouted the Orchard and protected the other flank


EE moving first made a huge herce formation, waiting for the dreaded Skythian charge. On the far left a BdF formation, supported by PsO, tryed to outflank and flank attack the enemy.


Skythian center moved on to charge


On the left flank BdF manouvered to avoid the deadly barrage from skythian archers


EE troops in ambush surprised skythian Ax and killed some on impact.


In the center the Skythians started the attack with a LhF charge. Mighty Nubians stand inflicting some casualties too.


The skythian Ax kept pushing forward, engaging the egyptian ambushers with their reserves.


On the left the Skythians had few troops to stop egyptian attack. This was a crucial moment for Skythian rolled there few pips for a couple of bound, and Egyptians took advantage of it to clear messagetai flank protection


EE assault troops menaced enemy flank. Skythian foot archers are in a risky position, low on pips and unwieldy to manouver in a better position


In the meantime after 3 charges the egyptian line wss shallower due losses. Nubians still kept their position.


Both Skythian wings finally collapsed. The BdF flanking actions tore big gaps in the enemy line


Final position when Messagetai broke. Early Egyptians won 23-2.