Campaigns, scenarios and battles

Greed and Envy- Roman Empire attacked by barbarians in 250 AD

For myself and for the Empire- Roman civil war in 68AD - 70AD - Here a report of the campaign played now

The Calamitous Fourteenth Century- Battle generator set in 1330-1450 by John Graham Leigh

Rome, Mithridates and Asia- Wars in Asia Minor  between Romans, Mithridates, and Asian states, set in 90-63 B.C. by Rob Brennan

Priest-King of God- War between Sumerian City States in 3000 BC

Caesar in Gaul - DBMM100 two team scenario to be played in one session by Rob Brennan

Normans in South Italy - Two player campaign

The battle of Argentoratum in 357AD - An historical battle for DBMM 200

The battle of Chirokitia in 1426 AD - An historical battle for DBMM 200

The battle of Nedao in 454 AD - An historical large battle for two players teams. Here a report

The battle of Othee in 1408 AD - An historical battle for DBMM 200

The battle of Dertosa in 215 BC - An historical large battle for two teams

Battle of Legnica in 1241 AD - An historical large battle for two teams of four players each. Here a report

The roots of european wars - Three/four player campaign set up in Charlemagne's Empire after its division

The Prussian crusades - Four to eleven player campaign set in 1230 at the start of the baltic crusades. Report

The battle of Catalaunian fields in 451 AD - An historical large battle for two players teams. Report inside

The Human Wave that toppled the Empires - Five players campaign set in ancient Near East

The Mongol Hordes - Expansion of Mongol Empire

The battle od Pharsalus - The final battle between Julius Caesar and Pompeus

The battle of Catalaunian fields v2 - 600 AP battle, large enough to be completed in one evening session (well suited for two teams with new players)

The battle of the Maule - Mapuche stops Inca southern expansion

The battle of Mohi in 1241AD - The Mongols invade Hungary



Scenarios played by my club. Two teams fight in one game session battles between historical enemies. Battle reports inside.

Domitian's Dacian war- The failed campaign to subdue Dacians. Here a report

The hundred years' war - The long war between English and French

Genghis Khan invasions - Mongol campaigns of conquest

The Crusader era - The Christendom attacks the Muslim in Near East

Under the Eagles - Late Republican Romans try to expand roman domains

Empires Dawn - Near East states fight to survive to massive migrations

Surun!!!! - Central Asian Turks clash to expand and defend their steppe empire

The great Edessa battle - 1000 AP Roman and Sassanid armies met

The Sassanid counteroffensive - 1750 AP of Sassanid attack a 1550AP Roman army

Redde rationem - The final battle of the campaign with 900AP of Romans engaging 800Ap of Sassanids

The Great Seljuq Empire - The rise and fall of the Seljuq Turks in the islamic world

Deus Lo Volt part 1 - The Crusader army is checked near Dorylaeum. Part 1 of the First Crusade campaign

Ottoman Scourge - Ottoman expansion wars

Deus Lo Volt part 2 - The Crusader army is destroyed in the battle of Iconium

The conqueror - Timur campaigns

The second Romano-Sassanid war - The battle of Dura Europos and the end of the Shapurmax dynasty


Team Scenarios to be played

"Franza o Spagna purchè se magna" - League of Cambrai battles in the Italian wars

Antiochus III the Great campaigns - Seleucid revival under that great ruler

The Tetrarchy - Roman Empire recovers from third century crisis

The Frankish Empire - Carolingian expansion

The Norman Kingdom of Sicily - Norman creates an umpire in the mediterranean

The Second Crusade - The failed expedition to retake Edessa



Campaigns played by my clubs:

Campaign rules

The Ottoman war of expansion - Trieste

Normans in Southern Italy -Genova

Hellenistic dawn in the east