"Franza o Spagna purchè se magna"

                                                                                                                                                                                                The Italian Wars, often referred to as the Great Italian Wars or the Great Wars of Italy and sometimes as the Habsburg–Valois Wars, were a series of conflicts from 1494 to 1559 that involved, at various times, most of the city-states of Italy, the Papal States, most of the major states of Western Europe.

In a turmoil of alliances, from 1508 to 1516 there was the war of the League of Cambrai, a failed attempt by Pope Julius II to curb the territorial expansion first of Venice and later of France in northern Italy. Despite some setback, French and Venetian ended this war with the control of most of northern Italy


This is a team scenario ideated to be played and finished in a single session. The teams will fight battles between historical enemies in the later phase of League of cambrai war from 1508 A.D. to 1515 A.D. and will sum the scores of each individual game to determine the team score and the winner side.

The sides will be:

IV/82 French Ordonnance

IV/61 Venetian (VI)


IV/13 Imperialist

IV/61 Papal

IV/68 Spanish

IV/78 Swiss

Apart French and Spanish, each army can be selected just by one player.

The team that will score more points will win the war. The losing team must pay a drink to the winners