The Frankish Empire


Another two team campaign ideated to be played and finished in a single session. This time Carolingian Frankish armies will face the many enemies that tried to stop their expansion and plunders.

The Franks were the first european nation after the Romans to create an Empire that covered most of the western Europe. It was under the frankish rule that the feudal system was created.

The Empire did not survive for too long time to its more able Emperor, Charlemagne. His successors divided it and formed the root of what would be the French and the  German states centuries later.

All this was realized with constant campaigns fighting the many warlike neighbours


The teams will play individual games, each one representing a different period of Carolingian wars of expansion and later defence of their fragmented empire.

The carolingian armies will be selected from III/28 list within the time span from 768AD to 880AD.

The Carolingian enemies will be picked from the following nations, with each army using the 768-880AD time span options, and no more than a single army from the list:

II/73 Saxon

III/13 Avar

III/18 Breton

III/21 Italian Lombard

III/26 Early Serbian and Croatian

III/29 Thematic Byzantine

III/33 Early Muslim North Africa

III/34 Andalusian

III/35 Feudal Spanish

III/40 Viking