The rise of the Turks: the Great Seljuk Empire


Another two team campaign ideated to be played and finished in a single session. This time Seljuqs armies will face the many enemies that tried to stop their expansion and plunders.

The Seljuqs turks at the beginning of the XI century created a large empire. The Seljuqs united the fractured political scene of the Eastern Islamic world and dominated it, representing a formidable foe for all the regional powers. They met and fought the early crusading wave, proving a very tough opponent to western armies.

The dynasty brought revival, energy, and reunion to the Islamic civilization hitherto dominated by Arabs and Persians. According to the Seljuqs, they brought to the Muslims "fighting spirit and fanatical aggression".


The teams will play individual games, each one representing a different period of Seljuk wars of expansion and later defence of their fragmented empire.

The Seljuk armies will be selected from III/74 list, with no more than one from each of the special options listed (Great Seljuqs, Hamadan, Merv, Rum). This means there will be just one Rum or one Hamadan army, as example.

The Seljuqs enemies will be picked from the following nations, with each army using the 1037-1276AD time span options, and no more than a single army from the list:

II/58 Alan

III/11 Central Asian Turks

III/54 Dynastic Bedouin

III/61 Dynastic Kurdish

III/64 Ghaznavid

III/66 Fatimid Egyptian

III/76 Kostantine Byzantine

III/80 Cuman

IV/1 Komnenan Byzantine

IV/2 Cilician Armenian

IV/6 Syrian

IV/7 Early Crusader

IV/8 Ghurid

IV/15 Qara Khitan

IV/20 Ayyubid Egyptian

IV/24 Khwariziam

IV/26 Lusignan Cypriot

IV/31 Nikaian Byzantine

IV/32 Romanian Frank

IV/34 Trapezuntine Byzantine

IV/35 Mongol Conquest (not in China)

IV/45 Mameluk Egyptian

IV/46 Ilkhanid

IV/49 Anatolian Turkoman

IV/50 Palaiologan Byzantine

IV/51 Morean Byzantine

The team that will score more points will win the war. The losing team must pay a drink to the winners



The Turks won 51 to 49, in a very close affair

Sardi (Central Asian Turks) - Terpin (Great Seljuqs) 25-0

Paglianti (Ayyubid Egyptian) - Mele (Hamadan Seljuqs) 6-19

Vecchia (Mameluk Egyptian) - Miguez (Merv Seljuqs) 12-13

Vigaṇ (Fatimid Egyptian) - Peroni D. (Rum Seljuqs) 6-19