Generic campaign rules


Each nation starts with a full army at 375AP and a treasure of three gold.

Each year is divided in three seasonal turns: winter, spring and summer. Fall is the mud season with just administrative activity.

Each seasonal turn, the players must secretly decide their activity choosen between the four options below. They can:

Wage an offensive-

The army can invade an enemy territory to conquer it. The offensive costs 1 nomisma.

The attacker must select a friendly city from which the invasion starts, and an adjacent enemy city target.

Some terrain passed through give penalties to the attacker: It is possible to attack through marshes by winter, or by sea and/or mountains just by summer. In any other season these terrain give an attrition of 25AP to the attacker, applied before the battle.

The invaded country can defend the area if is on defend order: if the defender choose to intercept the invaders, a battle is fought. If the target city is not defended, theinvader will attempt a siege.

When a battle is fought the invader conquers the invaded area winning the battle. If he loses the battle, he must withdraw to the friendly territory he is coming from. If this has bee conquered in the meantime, he can withdraw to another friendly area at the cost of 25 AP of the attrition applied to the army.

The army winning the battle will suffer 25AP of losses. The loser will lose 50AP of troops. The winner gains 3 victory points

If the area is undefended, a siege starts. The siege is succesfull with a die roll of 5+. The die roll is modified by a +1 for each consecutive siege season and by a +1 if in the phase order the player expended 1 gold to improve his chances. A succesful siege will let the invader to seize the territory. In any case a siege roll will cost some losses to the besieger, 25AP.

In case two armies invade each other, an initiative roll based on Ag will decide who is the attacker and who revert to defence order.


The army stand still and can intecept and fight an enemy invading or repel enemy raiding. In the case two or more enemies invade, the defender decides which one fight. The defender can also move to a besieged friendly area to fight off the invader.

Keep a siege

The army can stand at no cost in an enemy sieged area keeping the siege and rolling againg to check if it will be successful.


A raid is launched from a friendly territory against an enemy adjacent one. The raid is blocked by an unengaged defending army, or if the target area is launching an invasion against the freindly territory from which the raid starts. A raid is successfull with a die roll of 3+, and steal 1 gold from the enemy raided to be added to raiding treasure

Note that an army can be fully rebuilt at the cost of 1 gold at the start of any season before the move is made, except that a besieging army in an enemy area cannot do that

In the administrative phase, each player will receive one gold for each territory controlled, and two victory points for each territory owned.  The armies must withdraw to a friendly territory and stop a siege. A player can choose to spend gold to convert it in VP on 2 gold to 1 VP basis, representing investment in monuments, welfare, culture and anything that will bring in prestige.

The campaign can be played over several years adding all victory points scored .