The Second Crusade


The Second Crusade (11451149) was the second major crusade launched from Europe and was started in response to the fall of the County of Edessa. 

The Second Crusade was announced by Pope Eugene III, and was the first of the crusades to be led by European kings, namely Louis VII of France and Conrad II of Germany, with help from a number of other European nobles. The armies of the two kings marched separately across Europe. After crossing Byzantine territory into Anatolia, both armies were separately defeated by

The survivors arrived by sea in the Holy Land and joined the Crusader army that attacked Damascus. The campaign was a failure

The only successes came from secondary fronts. The English, Scottish and Flemish Crusaders landed in Portugal and helped the King Alfonso VII to take Lisbon from the moors, while the northern germans, with the help from Danes and Polish, mounted a campaign against the Wends, conquering some fortresses and weaking the pagan slavs.

The Second Crusade was a big failure. It achieved no military success in the middle east, and set a deep mistrust between France and Germany, and with the Byazntine Empire.

This is a two team scenario ideated to be played and finished in a single session. The Crusader team will fight the various battles against the historical enemies in the stages of this failed expedition.

Game 1- The German Route - 1145AD - Later Crusader army with no military order troops and compulsory German ally attacks Seljuq Turk

Game 2- The French Route - 1145AD - Later Crusader army with no military order troops and compulsory French ally attacks Seljuq Turk

Game 3- Lisbon - 1145AD - Feudal Spanish with compulsory Crusaders attacks Andalusian

Game 4- The Wendish Crusade - 1145AD - Medieval German with compulsory Leidang and Polish allies attacks Wends

Game 5- Damascus - Later Crusader army attacks Syrian Zangid

The battle scores will be added to decide the winner team.