The Norman Kingdom of Sicily

The Norman conquest of southern Italy spanned most of the 11th and 12th centuries, involving many battles and many independent players conquering territories of their own. Only later were these territories in southern Italy united as the Kingdom of Sicily, which included not only the island of Sicily, but also the entire southern third of the Italian Peninsula (save Benevento, which they did briefly hold on two occasions) as well as the archipelago of Malta and parts of North Africa.

The Hauteville house ruled the kingdom up to the 1194AD, when a feud between two cousins let the german Emperor Henry VI invade and seize the kingdom on behalf ot his wife Constance, daughter of the last legitimate king Roger II. The Hohenstaufen era started

This is a team campaign ideated to be played and finished in a single session. One team will play the Normans once settled in Sicily and ruling their southern Italy Kingodom, using Sicilian list from 1074AD to 1194AD, fighting the many neighbours nations, while the other team will try to defend and repulse the invading Normans from their home country

The teams will then play individual games, each one representing a different war theatre in this wars of aggression started by the Normans.

The defender team will choose the armies to be used from the historical enemies list in the Sicilian army list from 1074AD to 1194AD.

III/33 Early Muslim North African

III/35 Feudal Spanish

III/73 Communal Italian

III/75 Islamic Berber

III/77 Papal

IV/1  Komnenan Byzantine

IV/4  Feudal French

IV/13 Medieval German

The score will be calculated by team, adding all the individual battles. The team scoring higher will be the winner.

As usual, the losing team will offer a drink to the winners.