Baltic Crusade report

Starting situation, winter 1230


Nations report at game end, in 1232.

Nation Victory points Army Size Gold
Samogitian 50 375 10
Teutonic Order 49 300 5
Dane 44 325


Hungarian 37 375 4
Polish 31 375 6
Cuman 30 350 6
Prussian 29 350 2
Russian 21 375 2


Turn winter 1230

Teutonic- Attacks from Riga to Traki

Polish- Attacks from Lukow to Mogilev

Samogitian- Defends

Prussian- Attacks from Traki to Riga - Move cancelled by Teutonic attack on initiative roll

Dane - Defends

Russian- Attacks from Pskov to Riga


Battles: Teutonic vs Prussian (Teutonic won the battle and took Traki) and Polish vs Samogitians (Samogitian repulsed Polish invasion)

Sieges: Russians on Riga - (Russian siege was succesfull, Riga conquered by Russian)


Turn Spring 1230

Situation at start of spring 1230


Teutonic- Attacks from Traki to Lida

Polish- Defends

Samogitian- Defends

Prussian- Defends

Dane - Defends

Russian- Defends


Sieges: Teutonic on Lida (Teutonic siege roll fails, Lida is sieged)


Turn summer 1230

Situation at start summer 1230


Teutonic- Continue siege on Lida

Polish- Defends

Samogitian- Defends

Prussian- Defends

Dane - Attacks from Helsingfors to Ladoga

Russian- Attacks from Riga to Memel


Sieges: Teutonic on Lida (failed) , Russian on Memel (failed) , Dane on Ladoga (Conquered)


Turn winter 1231

Situation at start winter 1231


Cuman and Hungarian enter the game

Teutonic-  Attacks from Fort Christenburg to Riga

Polish-  Defends

Samogitian-  Defends

Prussian-  Defends

Dane-  Attacks from Ladoga to Novgorod - Move cancelled to defend Ladoga

Russian-  Attacks from Pskov to Ladoga

Cuman- Defends

Hungarian- Attacks from Lelesz to Lukow


Sieges- Teutonic on Riga (Conquered)

Battles- Hungarian vs Polish (Hungarian victory and Lukow taken) and Russian vs Dane (Russian victory and Ladoga taken)


Turn Spring 1231

Situation at Spring 1231


Changed the colours of Prussian to orange and Hungarian to Dark Green to better see the map.

Teutonic-  Defends

Polish-  Raids from Krakow to Lukow

Samogitian- Attacks from Mogilev to Pskov

Prussian- Defends

Dane- Raids from Helsingfors to Ladoga - Raid blocked by Russian defence

Russian- Defends

Cuman- Raids from Ukeh to Mogilev

Hungarian- Attacks from Lelesz to Glukhov


Raids- Against Hungarians (failed), Samogitians (success)

Sieges- Hungarian on Glukhov (success), Samogitian on Pskov (failed)


Turn Summer 1231

Situation at start of summer 1231


Teutonic-  Attacks from Traki to Lida. Move cancelled by Prussian attack

Polish-  Attacks from Krakow to Lukow

Samogitian- Siege to Pskov

Prussian- Attacks from Lida to Traki

Dane- Attacks from Helsingfors to Ladoga

Russian- Defends. Army intecepts Samogitans in Pskov

Cuman- Attacks from Tana to Glukhov

Hungarian- Defends. Army intercepts Cuman in Glukhov


Battles: Prussian vs Teutonic (Prussian victory), Russian vs Samogitians (Samogitian victory), Hungarian vs Cumans (Hungarian victory)

Sieges: Polish in Lukow (success), Danes in Ladoga (success)


End of campaign, Fall 1231

Situation at fall 1231, at the end of the two year period


Winter 2312

Teutonic-  Attacks from Riga to Traki.

Polish- Raid from  Danzig to Memel

Samogitian- Defends

Prussian- Raids from Grodno to Fort Christenburg

Dane- Defends

Russian- Raids from Novgorod to Ladoga. Raid cancelled by danish defece

Cuman- Attacks from Tana to Glukhov

Hungarian- Attacks from Glukhov to Tana. Attack cancelled by Cuman attack


Battles: Hungarian vs Cumans (Cuman victory)

Sieges: Teutonic in Traki (failed)

Raids: Prussian (success) and Polish (success)

Situation after winter 1232 move


Turn Spring 1232

Teutonic-  Siege in to Traki.

Polish- Raids from  Danzig to Wisby

Samogitian- Raids from Vilna to Riga

Prussian- Attacks from Grodno to Fort Christenburg

Dane- Attack from Ladoga to Pskov, cancelled and reverted to Defends

Russian- Attacks from Novgorod to Ladoga.

Cuman- Raid from Glukhoo to Lelesz. Cancelled from Hungarian attacks

Hungarian- Defends

Battles: Russians vs Danes

Sieges: Teutonic in Traki (success), Prussian in Fort Christburg (success)

Raids: Samogitian (failure) and Polish (success)


Summer 1232 situation before battles

Turn Summer 1232

Teutonic-  Attack Lida from Traki.

Polish- Attack Wisby from Danzig

Samogitian- Defends

Prussian- Attacks from Fort Christenburg to Marienburg

Dane- Attack from Helsingfors to Ladoga

Russian- Raid from Ladoga to Helsingfors

Cuman- Raid from Glukhov to Lelesz

Hungarian- Defends

Battles: Russians vs Danes

Sieges: Teutonic in Lida (success), Prussian in Marienburg (failure), Polish in Wisby (failure)

Prussian are vassal of Teutonic Order

Game over



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