Sparta has always charmed me. When thinking to a Spear heavy army, there is nothing better to field than a Spartan army. Last but not least, Xyston produces an excellent Spartan range. The net result was that I "needed" this army.


Psiloi archer and javelinmen. These are the cheapest elements, but are extremely useful due the rigid hoplite formation


Mercenary RPsS are excellent troops. I usually try to field them all.


The bulk of the army, the hoplites. In game terms SpS supported by SpO


The generals. I always feel the urge to put them in first line. Often this is an unwise decision, but if I would like to play wise I would use Numidians.

Spartans must be played very aggressively


More Hoplites. In DBMM this army is very powerful frontally, but quite brittle if Homoioi are lost. Spartan often enjoy a large front and this is an advantage if they can push and engage weaker enemy troops.


Army painted by A.D.