Ordalia 2012 - Third game

The third game I met an inert Burgundian Ordonannce.

I defended and tried to set up the terrain to break the enemy deployment, to attack just a section of the enemy lines

The enemy was in a very strong position in several lines and with many reserves, so I decided to outflank both its wings, hoping that one of the two corps committed could move quickly.


The Navarres knights were moved back to gain some time and let the outflanking to engage the enemy. The Burgundian host pushed forward.


Both wings had incredible pips, 18 each corps in the first three turns!!!! This let the Navarrese surround the Burgundians


The combined action of frontal and rear attacks made many casualties on burgundians, that had also problems with pips


With many rear echelon troops eliminated, the Burgundian army broke. 25-0 for the Navarrese

In this game the main difference was made by the pips, Navarrese had a lot and Burgundian very few. In such conditions there is not much to be done.


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