Ordalia 2012 second game

The second game I met a later Swiss army. Swiss are always a tough nut

I defended and had a terrain that limited a lot the swiss, forcing it in its half of the table

I advanced my archers engaging the enemy skirmishers on the right. Their shooting was extremely effective.


The first two bounds the swiss was off balance also because a corps of mine was missing, and he didn't want to expose a wing to a march.


Once the reserve arrived, Navarrese made a drive to the Difficult hill covering the swiss left


The continous shooting weakened a lot the swiss left corps, while navarrese auxilia attacked the enemy skirmishers


The Swiss made repeated advances on the english bowmen, that pulled back keeping their fire up. When the swiss retreated out of range the english archer advanced again. The situation was grim for the swiss army that didn't want to launch an all out attack fearing the supported BdS in the rough going.


Once the swiss right corps was near disheartening, the navarrese army advanced to engage it


The navarrese attacked all along the line


With two swiss corps disheartened and the army one element away from the rout, the time was called. The swiss infantry was saved by the timely and repeated charges by the milanese knights, that protected the phalanx. 15-10 for the Navarrese

I was quite surprised by this game, the BwS action was very effective, as the BdS attack. I made the mistake to wait too long before to committ the AxS to the right. I was slow.


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