Ordalia 2012 First game

First game I met a later Hungarian army. I attackedand was quite surprised to see the hungarian choose many difficult features.

The Hungarian had a lot of heavy infantry. The battlefield was separated in two sectors by a big wooded hill. I deployed the AxS corps on the right, and all the others corps on the left. My plan was to stay on the defensive at start, because there was mud. I wanted to wait the ground to dry before to engage my heavy cavalry.


The battle started with rain and the Hungarian manouvering to attack my left flank. Navarrese tried to parry this thrust.


After 1 hor of game time the rain stopped, and I frantically tried to avoid the contact with the enemy szekeler corps that was aimed right to my kn corps. I could do not much to accomplish that, the main help to me were the bad hungarian pips


The Szekeler charged just when the ground dried, one hour after the rain stopped. Neverless, their assault was successful. On both wings navarrese troops fought better, I held the position and attritioned the enemy


When the time was called, I had just lost my center under the repeated hungarian charges. I had the opportunity to break the enemy army with a last attack on the rear of the szekeler general, but nothing happened. 11-14 for the Hungarian.

The mud was a big problem, I lost the initiative and played a defensive game. My attack on the right on the long run bagged some elements that weakened both hungarian attacking corps, but in the end it was not enough. The better mobility of the enemy army did not let me exploit some local success, while where I was losing I could not disengage. A good game well played by my opponent.


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