Ordalia 2012 - Fourth Game

Last game the Navarrese had the same score of the Ottoman. This game was decidive.

I defended and tried to cover my flanks from any outflanking attempt

Weirdly enough, Navarrese night attacked as defender. This was a huge bonus. When the sun rose, the Ottoman army was pinned and with horrible match ups. The English archers immdiately started to pepper from uphill position the Akinjis. A real mess


The Ottoman position was almost hopeless. The Serbian corps charge was the only real opportunity to break the Navarrese


Serbian general kept pushing back the enemies until surrounded and slayed.


Soon after the Ottoman army broke. 25-0.

Not much to be done in these conditions. Probably the Ottoman deployment was flawed, it would be better set up with pickets with a reduced frontage and more deeply


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