Torino 2014 - Round 3

Third round my opponent was a Venetian Condotta. The terrain would be very important, because I was afraid of the sheer number of enemy skirmishers that would be a very nimble target to my army.


Luckily I defended and had an excellent terrain, with many difficult going on the flanks, forcing the Venetian to deploy in the center. The scrub hill in the middle had no important effect in the game. I started first and rolled forward.


Siamese left threatened to roll the Venetians, so the Stradiots were sent there to engage the elephants


Soon there was combat all along the line. In the center the IBdF slowly cut down the enemy skirmishers that had adopted a diagonal formation to hamper me. This did not work because siamese group was larger and forced PsS to adapt on contact, furthermore RKnO could not interpenetrate the screen. A major mistake.


Venetian Kn charges against Siamese right failed, and this helped Siamese to eliminate the second large venetian psiloi group that had charged the right flank elephants


Condotta army resisted some more bounds, and in the end the combined losses broke it. 25-0

In this game everything was smooth for the Siamese. Good terrain, good combat rolls. Not much to do for the Venetians


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