Torino 2014 - Round 2

The second game my opponent was a malay army. I was quite confident because of the match up. ElS should smite WbS. The bloody game proved me that Malay is an army to respect.


I defended and the malay put down a river to cover the flank of the infantry, protecting also the weaker corps made by IBwI, ArtI and ElS. I deployed on some scrub and planned to attack hard on the left


The plan was very simple. Hit the enemy left with two corps and roll the line


Soon on the right the situation worsened. Malay LhO appeared from ambush, outflanking my right and sacking my baggage, while a wbF probe against the IBwI was destroyed by the combined shooting and malay elephant charges. I kept attacking the malay left.


The main problem I faced now was that enemy was crippling my weak psiloi flank protection in the center. I needed a fast victory against the warbands


The Elephant charge was successful but costly. Both the armies had very few pips, and this in the end was an advantage to Siamese that could keep contact with the enemy, while the malay could not exploit several opportunities to hard flank the nellys. My center was disheartened and risking to be broken.


The game was very tough and finished 20-5. My opponent played a good battle and the river tactic was brilliant. The game confirmed a weak point of this army. With low ME, losing the elephants is a disaster.


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