Torino 2014 - Round 4

Last round I was two points behind the leader. My opponent was Paolo Paglianti with French Ordonnance. A tough opponent, and I needed a victory to get the first position.


Again I defended, but this time the battlefield was not ideal. It was very open on the right flank, and I expected there an outflanking.

Deploying first, I decided to not advance with the rightermost corps, anchoring the flank to the wood there. French deployed offset, to avoid a frontal clash and wotk on my flank.

I left the scrub in the center and attacked. Being threatened by mounted bowmen, I sent a sacrifice corps of WbF to engage them.


The tricj worked, the bowmen turned 180 and moved away, while a reserve of KnS started to hack my WbF. Siamese reached and destroyed th ArtO battery, while the whole french army was manouvering out of the way.

This left french psiloi S unsupported


The WbF sacrifice for some time stopped any offensive action by the french, and this game me time to close on their rear troops.


Once the PsS were destroyed, nothing could stop Siamese from reaching the baggage and the IBwI. 23-2 for Siamese

This battle was interesting. The French was more mobile, but had some problem to pull back the largest corps, that was engaged in a rearguard action and fought unsupported. The WbF proved all their worth when facing bowmen. They are a terrible threat and were useful.

The victory let me score 80 points, enough to win the tournament.

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