Torino 2014 - Round 1

On the first round I met an Ottoman army, played by the player leading the italian classment. Not an easy start

The Ottoman attacked and put down a river difficult for the infantry. All his army was deployed behind the water barrier. I tried to speed my advance to reacj the banks and cross the water feature before he could organize well, but my left wing was trailing behind


Catching the opportunity, the Ottoman sallied and sent the sipahis against my exposed flank


Siamese left wing finally arreived to help seal the gap, but all of this costed to me many pips and turns


Once in position, Siamese elephants were facing some enemy psiloi to fight while wading a rough going river.


The rest of the line was quiet. I was willing to send a wbF corps against the jannissary, but the enemy was too mobile and with many reserves. Siamese is clumsy and not suited for this kind of tactic.


Finally I attacked the far left flank, and in few rounds of combat was pushed back with losses. A stalemate, 12-13 to Ottoman

The river hampered the Siamese. I did not play very well, because overstretched the army, separating it in too many groups and when pip were low, I paid the price of this mistake.

This gave an opportunity to the Ottoman. His attack engaged me for too long, giving time to position the psiloi. I needed a simpler tactic. This game was a good lesson and showed me why training before a tournament is important.


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