Turin 2013 - Second game

Second game I faced Luciano using Neo Assyrian. The game was important for the italian championship, because Luciano was the man competitor.

I defended and tried to have some rough terrain to protect my bowmen from enemy sperior knights

Luciano deployed all his army against my right in a strong position.


I started with very low pips, and tried to redeploy to counter enemy. My response was slow, and I had a weak point in my line facing the rocky flat. Luciano attacked there with his RAxS, supporting the RKnS that were advancing in the valley on the right. My archers were sent to face the enclosed fields to try to stop enemy light troops that were the second support group for the RKnS. Assyrian was trying to dominate both terrain to advance safely with the chariotry and destroy my RCvS


Under enemy pressure I retreated the exposed RBdF from the rough, gaining time to commit some reserve. The bowmen advanced to shoot enemy light troops. On the right I hoped to eliminate the chariot screen, while on the left the goal was to weaken the flank protection of the assyrian assault group.


The Assyrian finally charged but did not pierce the enemy line. The egyptian archers shooting was very effective, killing many psiloi and auxilia.


The assyrian RAxS took some casualties from RBdF and retrated back in the rough, but they were pursued and outflanked. Assyrian made another trying on the far right, with a swarm of psiloi, to let the RKnS attack. Again the egyptian shooting was very effctive, and thank to the higher pip dice the bowmen were able to disengage from the advancing enemy.


The Egyptian were slowly taking the initiative. The Assyrian AxS in the left rough going were surrounded and could no more retreat, while the assyrian light troops on the right were first stopped then mauled thanks to the RCvS and archers that bolstered the outnumbered egyptian skirmishers


The Assyrian put up a spirited defence in the rocky flat, while the Pharaoh doubling his pips could reorganize the line, charge the enemy chariots and feign flight


After the feigned flight there was a lull in the fighting. The Assyrian chariots had suffered heavy casualties. Two Assyrian corps were badly hit and tried to withdraw


Assyrian had two disheartened corps and tried to save the army moving back


Low pips hampered the assyrian retreat and the Pharaoh won the battle with a brillinat stroke charge. 25-0 for the Egyptians


A very interesting game. Luciano tried to win with a coordinated attack on my overwhelmed right wing. I was able to slow the Assyrians, commit reserves and outmanouver their exposed troops in the rocky flat. The heroes of the day were the archers, that weakened the enemy with their protacted shooting


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