Turin 2013 - Game 3

After two games I met the only other player that had scored two victories. Riccardo used a Neo Assyrian army with four corps, a difficult army to face because of the numerous RKnS.

I defended and had an excellent battlefield. Unfortunately my opponent attacked by night.


I set many psiloi pickets. If the Assyrian would be able to pass the orchard line and deploy in line the RKnS, the situation could rapidly become desperate for my infantry.


Assyrians had foot and mounted in every corps, and the night attack was very slow due the moonless night and the many 1s rolled. As soon i could, I tried to threaten the enemy RCvO.


The situation was grim in the center, I advanced my infantry to hamper the RKnS deployment and support the combat on the left wing. I made a mistake allowing an LhF flank attack that disordered my chariot line, screened and ready to deliver a charge on assyrian cavalry. Egyptian gods protected their soldiers, and the Assyrian LhF died.


This is the rest of the battle line. The Assyrians had two RKnS against one RCvS Egyptian command


Egyptian archers were deployed to support the chariots and started pepper enemy light troops. The Egyptian chariot charge was deadly thanks to three 1s rolled by the Assyrian. The cavalry corps all of sudden broke


Assyrians with a wing gone stopped the attack and redeployed back


The egyptian right wing run behind the enemy line to sack the assyrian camp, while the rest of the army pressed forward engaging and destroying with a combination of shooting and hand to hand combat the enemy infantry.


The Pharaoh fails the killing blow even with a brilliant stroke. The Assyrian position on the far right is desperate.


The Assyrian army was near the breaking points, and run away after several hard flank attacks, due the large gap created by the destruction of the RAxS facing the rocky flat ground. 25-0 for the Egyptian


Another game that initially was very tough due the night attack. The battle was won by the success of my right wing. I was quite lucky there. Maybe it would be better for the Assyrian to not have attacked so quickly there to let the RKnS in the center charge first.

After this game I had 75 points and leading the pack. The fourth game ended 12-13 with no combat, both me and my opponent were happy to score a draw. I won finally the competition and the italian championship, after having failed in the last two editions.


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