Sotto il segno di Anubi 2014 - Game 2

The second game I met a Neo Assyrian army, with a RKnS circus. A tough opponent.


As defender, I tried to have a bare table to threaten the enemy Ax and some gentle hills to have some advantage in combat. The table was quite good, but the deployment was a bit flawed, with the enemy off set. I needed to redeploy to the right


My first bounds pip were terrible, so I was stuck, while the Assyrians prepared th attack. Hittite left wing tried to advance and eliminate enemy skirmishers


I had to renounce to fight on the most advanced hill, and moved back wheeling the Cic corps to take a safer defensive line, making room to PkF to engage part of the enemy chariots


All this to gain time, amd let my left wing advance and threaten the enemy chariots, possibly destroying the enemy Cv corps


Finally I had good pips and could start to attack. The Assyrian slowed a bit, having given the lowest pip dice to the RKnS corps that I forced to wheel and manouver.


The Assyrians lost no time to reorganize and advance, meeting the hittite PkF uphill


Finally Hittites stopped the enemy right outflanking by Ax with the arrive of the RBdF reserve


The Assyrian left was broken and the Hittite chariots stormed the army baggage, but not before an assyrian suicide charge by the left corps general killed the hittite pike commander. The hittite infantry was paralised, and played no more rolle the battle.


The game was decided oh the hill with very hot dice. Hittite failed to destroy the Assyrian army and the Assyrian retaliation was bloody; Hittite CiC corps lost 12ME, with the CiC surrounded and surviving a 1-3S hard flanked combat. The bound after, Assyrian were broken for a 21-4 but the game could be a 16-9

An extremely tough game, with extreme dice for both players and sever pip crisis that limited the tactical ploys.


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