Sotto il segno di Anubi 2014 - Game 1

First game in the tournament I faced a New Kingdom Egyptian army. A nice historical battle. I attacked and tried to have a bare battlefield.

The enamy army had three corps with many unscreened chariots and minimal infantry, including some BdO. My plan was to pin the enemy center with the PkF, and smash with the Kn any opposition. The picture shows enemy first move, trying to outflank my right.

The opening move crated a dilemma for me: push forward the right hand knights, or play a defensive game there to reduce the risks?


On the left I moved forward as fast as possible, while the egyptian used the road to redeploy the archers on the outer sector. To win the battle I had to break the left and central egyptian corps


On the right I decided to be reckless. This tournament was decisive for the italian championship, and I had to score better than the other three competitors running for the championship. I needed to score high and risk, with the opponent well deployed to threaten RKnO


The Kn chariots on the left were soon in position to charge, enjoying a marked advantage by screeners.


My opponent recognized the danger on the left, and attacked on the right where he got  marked advantage.


Soon the right wing was under pressure, but I was confident my KnO could inflict some casualties on the egyptian. I focused on the fight near my phalanx, where operated the egyptian chariot corps from the central command.


The combat on the left was fast and furious. The Hittite general leading upfront helped to destroy the enemy chariot corps and break the enemy. The egyptian heavy infantry in the center now had an exposed flank.


Hittite PkF fought well and egyptian losses rose


While the BdO were very tough, some RBdF were eliminated


The game ended when some RCvS from the center were destroyed. The 2ME losses quickly broke the second egyptian command and the aemy. 23-2 for the Hittite.

A nice game, that was decided by two factors: NKE did not screen the chariots, taking a full chariot charges on the left, and the use of the chariots on the right in penny packets, not taking advantage of the superiority there.


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