Palaiologan Byzantine vs Timurids - DBMM200

This time I fielded an army with a large percentage of troops of inferior or fast quality, to check their performance facing a superior quality opponent.

I wanted to see if in a game where the combat is deadlier they could be of any use


I defended and put down a river that was rough for infantry and difficult for mounted. On the left theer was a RH near my baseline and a GH on the left edge.

Unfortunately the weather resulted in spate river, so my plan of a right flank sally by infantry could not materialise.

I deployed last, and this helped my decision deploying the PsO facing El and Exp, while the AxI were protected by the river. I had a BwI corps concealed behind the RH.

On the lft I deployed the RcvO in first line and KnO in reserve. There I facev CvO, while the enemy CvS was near the river.


The Timurid was aggressive and immediately took the gentle hill, advancing in the center too. I engaged him with my Psiloi.


The expendables killed one PsO and were swarmed. Unfortunately My PsO were now in open going facing enemy heavy cavalry. The BwI came out targetting the Elephants


Timurid charge on the left


A close up


Losses mounted for both and I had to advance part of my BwI to support the cavalry


My left wing was disheartened but the RKnO reserve charged in and broke the enemy wing. In the meantime the CvS Timurid corps was attacking hard my BwI.


I lost many more elements, but I had a lower ME count. I survived luckily the attack on the lower right, LhS disheartened vs enemy CvS, that could break my CiC corps, while I killed on a 6-1 an enemy CvS breaking the enemy army. 22-3.

A close game that was uncertain until the end. My half element troops performed well, but I lost a lot of them, so I still am thinking about their utility. What is sure is that the enemy army, being so small, is greatly affected by bad rolls, even if it is played well. A sharp and fragile tool.


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