Palaiologan Byzantine vs Alan - DBMM200

The Byzantines this time faced a nomad horde, based on LhS and with a few noble IKnF as shock troops.


I defended and rolled some difficult and rough going. I was able to set up a DH on the right and a rocky field near my baseline. I deployed with flank protected by these terrains, and my terrain troops concealed by the hills.

The Alan had a conventional deployment with heavy cavalry in the center and many LhS everywhere.


Turn one we were slow to advance. On turn two I deployed my concealed troops and advanced aiming my BwI to the enemy Kn.


The Alan committed his CiC corps but was a bit uncoordinated


The enemy charge failed and the BwI shooting plus my countercharge started exacting a toll.


The Alan reorganized and attacked well on my right, where I felt immediately the pressure. In the center the KnF, now isolated, were able to pierce through my archers


Again I launched a counterattack with reserves, trying to kill the KnF.


The KnF demise was decisive to break the larger central Alan corps that transmitted more losses to the wings, breaking the while army.

Once again the Alan victory or defeat was decided by the IKnF performance. The Alan nobles really need to be managed with the utmost care.


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