Moldavians vs Timurids - DBMM 200

The medieval balcanic training games go on in our club. This time we fielded a shooter army vs Shak Ruk host.


The picture is taken from Moldavian side. The right flank is blocked by an huge DH set up by the Timurid player. The Moldavians tried to bolster their defence with a couple of RH that fell in the center and were good strongpoints.

This was the situation at the end of turn 1. The Bw, mostly inferior, formed a long line supported by ILhS and IKnF behind them.

The Timurid having few room to manouver, decided to attack frontally on the left flank.


The probe by the expendable failed. The entrenched ArtS is going to be a thorn in Timurid side


The attack on Bw I is repulsed initially. Low pips by moldavian left corps hampered counter attacks


Finally Moldavian LhS moved on the left RH to swarm the fewer enemy elements. BwO in the center advanced and engaged enemy CvS.


Timurid coordinated a charge all over both flanks.


LhS on the right were badly repulsed, while the heavier cavalry and elephants on the left started grinding enemy bowmen. Unfortunately the CvS in the center took huge casualties by shooting, breaking and making collapse by transmission the small LhS corps and then the whole army.


With smaller break points take on frontally a shooter line is riskier. Timurid combat dice were very bad, and this confirmed that in DBMM200 luck swing is higher than in normal DBMM. Not a bad thing, but it's better to organize the army and plan accordingly.



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