Later Polish vs Genoese Condotta in Cyprus - DBMM200

This training game saw two armies with a Knight core but a very different organization. Genoese Condotta manouver better, while Later Polish is heavier and larger.


The Condotta on the right was the attacker. After looking at the nemy deployment, decided to concentrate his troops on the left flank, beside a wood. The plan was to smash the enemy before being outflanked


The Polish started to outflank the enemy but with an irregular command structure this can take a long way. The italian sent a KnO force in the center to pin the enemy and protect the flank of the main attacking force


The Genoese vanguards quickly attacked, and the Polish was not well deployed


First lost elements. The Polish held the line


Now the Genoese sent in the main force


The Polish resist again and started to attrition the enemy smaller forces



The Genoese right wing broke. The Condotta player made more desperate charges on the right, disheartening and then breaking the Lithuanian corps


The Genoese are overwhelmed by the enemy, losing two generals and the army. A Bloody encounter, 19-6 for the Polish

The Condotta player plan was good, but the massed LhF proved really brittle to be used to open the attack. Probably it would be better to use them behind the RKnO to support the fighting.


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