Later Bulgars vs Later Serbians - DBMM200

Another training game between medieval balcanic armies


The picture is taken from bulgar side. The white strip is a very crude river, made out of necessity. The green patches are difficult.

Both armies have one corps missing. The Serbian deploy wary to be outflanked, while the Bulgars try to avoid a coordinated charge by the enemy heavy cavalry.


Both the armies have a prudent attitude, trying to understand where the enemy missing corps is. Both the corps are flank marching on the right, and both are of the same size.

Here the Serbians enter in their half and manouver to have a combat line with no gaps.


Bulgar LhS try to outflank the enemy left wing fording the river, but serbian gusars arrive to confront them. Bulgars mass their LhS to wave attack serbian IKnS


First Bulgar charge trying to exploit overlaps


Feigned Flight follows to lure Serbians forward


Another Bulgar charge.


The combat on the right is bloody, with Lh losses mounting. On the left the Bulgar LhS kill the few psiloi defending the river and cross it, charging into the enemy ILhO


The Serbians inflict a lot of losses on Bulgars, that can survive thanks to Lh counting as spent when lost in own bound versus enemy Kn.


Finally an opportunity shows, with a Serbian commander exposing himself and being charged by a Bulgar Kn and hard flanked.


The general dies on the far right, bringing down his corps and disheartening another one. In the mean time on the left the gusars slaughter the bulgar LhS.

Time is called after 90 minutes, 15-10 for later Bulgars.

This game saw a prudent approach by both armies, each one fearing the assets of the other one.


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