Later Bulgars vs Alans - DBMM200

This is an example about how short and bloody can be a DBMM200 battle.

The armies used are later Bulgars vs Alans, in a training game for the forecoming "Mamma Li Turchi" tournament, an historical pool with Ottomans and their historical enemies.


The table is quite open, with two difficult hills (green ones) and a gentle hill (the light brown one). Both the armies are very similar, with many LhS and some heavy cavalry as IKnF. The Bulgars, on the left, have the right wing made by RLhS, the only non impetous troops on the table.


As can be seen the approach is very fast. The left Alan wing is cut from the battle due the difficult feature. If a player is very aggressive, opponent has very few time to manouver or recover from a deployment mistake.

Here the Bulgars are going to fight a battle 3 corps vs 2. Alans enjoy from uphill position for their KnF


The combat is joined soon


Casualties mount up in few bounds. Reserves are extremely important.


Lower corps break points mean deadly combat.

This game shows how mounted shock troops give a fast and very bloody battle. Deployment is critical, as charge timing and reserves use. A bit like normal DBMM, just quicker and with absolutely no time to recover from any mistake. Excellent in a frame time of 45 minutes.



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