Elephanta Gepanta

On 21th July 2013 there will be Elephanta Gepanta tournament in UESM, in Milan, v. S. Uguzzone 8.

The tournament is focused on armies fielding large number of Elephants. To attend to Elephanta Gepanta, a player must use an army of 350 AP with at least 6 Elephants elements.

The tournament is over three games in a single day, each one lasting 3 hours, with sudden end at umpire call. Combat phase already started will be finished.

There is a bonus to the final classment score of +1 point for each elephant used over six, and also for each general element on elephant.


9.00 Start of first game

13.00 Start of the second game

16.15 Start of the third game

19.30 Prize giving

The subscription will cost about 5 pay on day (it will depends by the number of players attending)

The winner will receive a cup and an elephant!

Army lists must be send before 14th july to lorenzomele @ libero.it