Cilician Armenian vs Timurids - DBMM 200

Another training game in a medieval balcanic setting. The Armenian have a typical feudal combo of IKnF and poor infantry, with some mounted skirmisher. The Timurid is the usual shock abteilung with Elephants and Exp supported by Cavalry


The Timurid this time is the defender, and lose the advantage to deploy last to target its offensive assets. The terrain is quite flant, with a big DH on the left, two green brush patches and a GH on the right. The Armenian choose to delay one corps, deploying in a defensive way to force the Timurid to manouver his heavy mounted. ISpI are massed in three line, whil ethe IKnF supported by PsO and Lh are on the right wing.


The whole Timurid line wheels and target the enemy, whil a small CvS force go to engage enemy ILhO.


The Armenin right Kn corps manouver out of the El way, but the nellys, thanks to the higher pip dice, keep coming nearer and nearer to the Kn, dancing out of the armenian PsO way.


The El drift to the right and leave the Cv in the center without support, facing some enemy IKnF.


The El move again to right, while in the center the lines get closer. Now the situation is tough for the Armenian, because the enemy groups block the delayed corps entry in the center and on the left.


First charge to the Armenians and the Timurid start losing elements


The Timurid counterattack is ineffective. The Armenian is desperate because he is fighting with a marked inferiority. He still misses a corps


The Armenian charges are succesful, and the Timurid general commanding the El corps is killed, breaking that corps


The situation changes suddenly, The Timurid keep attacking and bring the central big Armanian corps half element away from disheartening


On fifth turn, the Armenian delayed corps enter and can march to contact against enemy single elements, killing some and destroying the small Timurid army, with over the 50% of casualties.


IKnF proved very effective because they were well supported.

Delaying a corps is extremely risky in DBMM200, because it's easy to interdict the entry points in such a small battlefield.

When an army deploys well back there is enough room for a game of manouver.


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