Bassano 2012 - Game 4 vs Mongol Conquest

Last game I met a very difficult army: Mongol Conquest and I was the attacker. I needed a win, so after the terrain set up I placed in good going with a flank exposed


The plan was very simple, move straight ahead with the center and the right wing and try to catch and destroy the nomads


The Mongol wanted to avoid IKnS and english troops, lure them forward and close on my flanks and rear


We both pushed forward in different sector. The flanks were almost exposed, when the disaster happened: I lost a BdS beside my general on a 1-6. Immediately Mongol exploited this attacking the Gascon general flank


A series of attacks with hard flanks followed, my gascon general survived three of them


In the meantime I was hitting the air with the IKnS, and when the pips were avalaible, some were sent to the left to charge the enemy LhI


This was a decisive stage, because the Mongol committed more and more ILhI in the fighting, and they were spent or sometime eliminated very fast.


The combats were bloody, and I had some hot dice. The ILhI that arrived in the rear area were eliminated by some local reserves. Some IKnS aimed impetously to the Mongol camp.


On the last round Navarrese destroyed the army baggage and one Mongol corps. When we counted the losses to calculate the score we realized the Mongol army was gone thanks to the last combat rolls. 23-2 to Navarrese

Mongol army was very large, with two 24ME corps, one 21ME and a pip dump of 12ME. I thought about this list, and I'm not convinced is balanced. Having 15 ILhI there is an high risk to have to use them in the battle. I would prefer smaller corps but more LhS. I should give it a try, I'm quite curious about it.

Navarrese performed well. With a final score of 83 they ended first.

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