Bassano 2012 - Third game vs Later Hungarian

Third game I played against a Later Hungarian army. I defended and set up a good terrain to protect my flanks


I tried to protect the vulnerable IKnS, while the infantry would push forward using the terrain to cover the flanks.


The Hungarian on the right had 18 ps, so I sent some IAxS to reinforce my right wing


The Hungarian attacked on the far right, trying to infiltrate in a vineyard his regular psiloi to roll my flank. The royal banderium was moved from the center on the wing to support the crossing of the open area.


Navarrese IAxS blocked the infiltration and counterattacked


Hungarian withdrew. This manouver put the CiC out of command range from the center, and bottled the troops in a confined area where they could no more threaten my flank. I pushed forward the english corps, soon followed by the IAxS.


My right wing surged forward. I could not attack with 6 IKnS against 18 ILhS with open flanks and a feigned flight, but on the right wing the terrain gave an opportunity.


Hungarian casualties were mounting, the Navarrese attack was a bit slowed by irregular pips


Once the psiloi line was pierced in the vineyard, all the Hungarian army, including ILhS, started to run away. I was not able to inflict a 10% of casualties, missing it by 0,5ME. 12-13 in a game that was not very interesting.

Not much to say, my opponent looked for the 13-12 and did not commited to fight. This is the other side of the corner sitter coin :)

The Hungarian list was very interesting. Usually I prefer three regular corps to two regular and one irregular. The troop balance was good, shame we didn't fight.


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