Alan vs Later Polish - DBMM200

Later Polish is an interesting army, well balanced and efficent, but can really suffer masses of ILhS. So a game against Alans is surely interesting


The terrain was quite open, with a gentle hill in the center, and some RGo patches all over the table.

The Alans deployed their IKnF on the Gh reverse slope, to protect them by the shooting. The Polish decided to dismount the ICvO as IBwO, supporting their Kn center with two shooter groups.

The Alan, attacker, used the +3 being all mounted to deploy and move first.


After turn one movements, Alans were massing their Lh to attack polish LhF on left flank and breakthrough there. Polish BwX faced IKnF.


The Alan opening attack will failed, with heroic polish LhF holding the line.


Polish advanced all their line, and the GH held by IKnF is a thorn, because it fixed the line while the Alan ILhS on the flank risked to pass through and outflank the polish line. The Polish player decided for a gamble, and advanced the BwX toward the hill.


Alan nobles charged downhill with devastating effects.


Polish left is mauled


Combat was joined by central corps too. Both the left wing commands were near their break point.


Polish knights repeated charges had devastating effects on the Alans, that lost their CiC corps.


Also the Polish left wing broke, but in the center the knights trampled everything, breaking the Alan army. 17-8, a bloody fight.


Cavalry fights with low factors are really dangerous for both. Polish LhF charged for two rounds won inflicting casualties on Alans LhS. This proved important.

The polish decision to advance the infantry on the hill proved a too big hazard, and let Alans break that corps. Again in smaller battles a +1 combat modifier proved to be very important.


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