L. Bulgars vs Timurid - DBMM200

Another Medieval Balcanic battle training for Mamma Li Turchi tournament

The Bulgars list is:

C1- CiC IKnF, 5 IKnF, 2 ICvO, 4 ILhS, (20ME) - C2- SG IKnF, 8 ILhS (12ME) - C3- SG IKnF, 8 RLhS (12ME) + FF Stratagem


The table had a large DH on my right and a gentle hill in the center.

I defended and the Timurid could attack by night. I deployed some advanced piquets to spot the enemy and deployed all my army in charge reach of the piquet line, ready to countercharge if needed.



The Timurid attacked hard, with a march to contact on the left that promptly eliminated both my LhS elements


I had a difficult decision to take: attack all along the line to try to keep the height advantage on GH and some room to activate the FF, or fall back.

I attacked all along the line. I was lucky and killed the Exp with my Cv.


The Elephant was unstoppable, and killed everything on its path reaching my KnF, deployed in reserve. The combat went back and forth, but the height advantage helped me to check the enemy CvS.


The decisive moment arrived when the enemy Cv started killing my LhS, and I could countercharge with my IKnF. On the right my IKnF general charge with overlap advantage the enemy Cv general.

In DBMM200 the combat are fewer, and rolling 1s is often a spell for disaster. In the center it was what happened, with Timurid Cv dieing in its own bound and letting me attack and hard flank the enemy CiC, the one with the green flag



Murphy's law in action: my opponent lost both the generals and the army.

With smaller armies and lower BP, the hill gave a huge advantage to the side earning the height advantage. In DBMM200 I found that even the smallest terrain gain can have dramatic consequences.

The game is so fast that there is no way to recover from a mistake. This is good, because the battles are so quick that you can do another one if something is messed up.


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