Sotto il segno di Anubi 2014 - Game 4

Last game was the decisive one for the championship. I still had a scoring advantage on two main opponents, and needed to finish the tournament ahead of them. A win was necessary. I met an Urartian army with 4 corps, including an internal ally


I defended and had a quite good battlefield. The gentle hill in the enemy deployment area could be a problem, but keeping troops on it it for the Urartian would mean to lose the initiative to me. Expecting a sally from the right wood, I put a bua in front of it to make as costly as possible in pips to advance through the area. The pkan was vwey simple, use the Kn to destroy the AxS and Cv in good going with a frontal assault.


Once the KnO were massed, they rolled forward.


Urartian high pip corps attacked the right flank through the difficult features


The attack was was quite fast until contact was made with the hittite flank guard


Hittite withdrew to slow down the enemy. The manouver was successful


The PkF were useful to provide support to the RKnO. Soon holes appeared in the enemy line


The Urartian central corps under attack from two hittite commands gave ground and the broke


The Hittite chariots immediately wheeled to advance toward the 16ME Urrtian camp


The Urartian chariots charged the enemy, but too late to help the troops on the hill


Once alone, they were surrounded and broken. 23-2

The game was quite risky, expecially when I attacked the strong hill position. The Urartian flank attack drained pips and slowem me a bit. It could be successful if coordinated with heavy charot attack on the opposite flank, but the Urartian relied too much on the hill and were passive along all the front. This proved fatal

I finished the tournament with 80 points, enough for the second position and above all the championship win. A good weekend for Hattusa.


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